Hey! My name is Viktor, I’m a 23 year old Web Designer living and studying in Sweden.
This is my professional and personal portfolio -
my permanently home on the internet.

Feel free to contact me whether you have questions, need a design job or just want to say hello!

The All-Important Specs.
What I’m working with includes:

∙ Zepto Znote 6324W 14.1”. 2.4ghz, 4GBram
∙ Microsoft Arc Mouse.
∙ Western Digital 160GB. External Storage.
∙ 2x 22 Inches Wide LCD Screens.
∙ Adobe Creative Suite CS4.
∙ Windows XP Professional & Linux.

What I Do
I work with graphical design (print,
illustrations, business cards, logotypes), webdesign and Flash. My goal is to deliver
not only design that is successful, but
desig that inspires, engage and encourage.
Therefore I spend just as much time
researching and exploring concepts as I do actually designing them.

How I do It
I begin each project with asking you
questions, learning about your vision, goals
and what you want to communicate.
By learning as much as I can about your environment and identity I can effectively communicate your vision and deliver
the impact of your message with result!

My Services
Custom Website Design
Beautiful Graphic Design
Scalable Vector Graphics
Innovative Concepts

Phone +46 073 52 61 93 6
E-mail viktor@landgrendesign.com
Status: Available for design jobs

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